If it is well made or well written, it will find a way into my collection.

I love hunting through sales and antique stores for treasures – and bargains - and sending them off into the world to be loved and appreciated by new owners.

Please drop in on me from time to time as I am always adding new, vintage cookbooks, kitchenwares and collectibles.

I am a refugee from that 'other' auction site, where I had a 100% rating. I am pleased to join the growing ranks of new vintage sellers here on eCRATER. Not only do we love 'old stuff' we love the old days of customer service, swapping stories with our buyers - and having a little fun!

For cooking tips and new kitchen artwork designed by me, please drop by home page at http://www.MomsRetro.com


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eCRATER encourages all buyers to use the ask a seller a question feature on each listing before making any purchases if they have concerns about the product listing. MomsRetro promises to give your questions immediate attention within 24 hours.